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10x growth in 6 years for podcasting

With its growing popularity and growing audiences, podcasting is becoming an increasingly relevant media channel.


According to a study published by eMarketer, the media market served by podcasting (in the United States), will exceed $1 billion by 2021.


This represents a growth of 10x between 2015 and 2021!


More and more, we see in our clients a strong interest in the format, a desire to reach their audiences through audio, allowing content that is often longer-form and more in-depth on a number of topics.


While video does not allow all brands to work with long-form content (let’s say more than 10 minutes) due to the nature of the audiences and the contexts in which it is viewed, podcasting allows this much longer duration, time spent between the brand and its audience that is that much stronger.


With 5 podcast projects currently in production at Toast, our teams are constantly applying their experience in adding value, creating interest and engagement, to the core of the recorded content.


However, brands will move even more towards the format only if the audience becomes large enough. This is the very nature of any marketing investment: a critical mass of the targeted market must be present.


The democratization of audio content consumption, with increasing ease of connecting your phone in your car and the integration of the format into Spotify for instance, will directly impact the increase in reach, making the potential for monetization even more interesting.



For now, growth is continuing, as you can read in this article published by eMarketer, which also gives details on the advertising formats used in recent months by the various podcast producers as well as several other statistics from various studies and reports.


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