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We don’t watch TV the same way anymore

We have become better at navigating the ecosystem of services and content offerings available.

Spending a lot of time at home, in a forced way, certainly has an impact on lifestyle habits. The way we watch TV has certainly been affected in recent months.

And in our television content design and development operations at Toast, our goal is to always keep an eye on how behaviours change and evolve.

But what has really changed?

The ecosystem may have grown a bit (Quibi, someone?), but it’s pretty much the same. The content offering (series, movies, etc.) has continued to grow at breakneck speed and we have continued getting dizzy, through the recommendations of the algorithms, but also those of our friends and relatives (it’s crazy how people don’t all watch the same thing at all).

So everything went as planned, or almost, on the industry side, but our habits as consumers have changed, though!

Joe Berkowitz of Fast Company did an analysis of the changes in our behaviours and habits towards television content.

In his article, he presents 8 interesting (but by no means scientific) changes that have occurred in the last few months:

  1. We have become better at choosing the services we subscribe to, based on their respective content offerings, but also on the number of series or movies we would watch.
  2. We are no longer satisfied with “just OK” content.
  3. We’ve become better at completing old series that we hadn’t finished.
  4. We watched more content and series on Instagram.
  5. We’ve watched more series all over the place actually. (John Krisinski’s Some Good News is a good example).
  6. We experimented with different ways of watching series and movies with friends (who can’t be with us physically).
  7. It seems that more people than before have been coming out on Twitter to announce that they are starting a series or a movie.
  8. Big hits have become big hits much faster than before (Tiger King is a great example!).

I invite you to take a look at Berkowitz’s article, but also ask yourself: what new habits have you picked up on the TV side in the last few months?


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