10 principles to apply in all your content strategies.

For many years now, at Toast, we are building the content agency of the future. We produce content for multiple large brands and through time, we realized that there are certain principles that apply to each and every content asset we create, each and every tactic we put in place.

There are 10 of them.

It is with this list that we wrote the “10 rules of content marketing” e-book that we recommend you grab today.

Downloadable for free in PDF version, the 17 pages of this document contain the basic rules that we consider being at the source of “great content”.

You will not be in uncharted territory when reading this, you will see that these 10 principles are directly linked with what I email you about every Monday morning. The importance of distribution, the importance of finding common values between your brand and your audience, the importance of being useful, etc.

I invite you to download your copy and, if you have a minute after reading it, to tell us your comments and what you though about it!