A very simply string to start the week, #3Links offers a weekly selection of interesting articles chosen among our reading lists of the lats few days. 

The past and the future of famous logos

Definitely this week’s best shot. Stock Logos (although not our kind of company) has been gazing in its crystal ball and imagined what some big brands logos (Google, GAP, Starbucks, Apple, etc.) will become–eventually.  Admittedly, we chuckled, especially at the Starbucks sequence that zooms ad vitam until there’s only a green dot.

Posters from the 1920s—Art Deco Style!

I do enjoy Colour Lovers. There, I said it. It’s interesting how they tone everything down to one colour palette. It’s worth the stop. In this post, no swatches, rather posters dating back to the 20s. A bit of everything.

MIP: Transmedia & Teens

A summary of a summary of a panel, the article identifies several relevant details that define teens and transmedia. My favourite quote: “I don’t think they really understand how to watch TV without touching something!”

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