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Content in a time of crisis

Don’t just focus on what’s changing, also take notice of things that are the same.

This week, no link, no article to read, no recommendation.

Just a quick word with you to ask: How are you? How are things? How are you holding up?

Really, I am interested, reply to this email and let’s discuss. We can hook up by phone or any other means. I’ll have some free time to talk.

Individuals that manage brands and channels have a lot of questions at the moment.

How will this situation impact revenue? How will it impact my job?

We know things are different, and they will be. But also take time to focus and also notice things that have not changed. There is a lot that still keeps the world running, things that are as they were and will stay that way. Not everything is changing. Take some time to reflect on this.

Of course, that plan you had, you threw it out the window. The next 3 months (maybe 6? maybe 12?) will not be as planned.

But one thing is sure, your brand needs to be out there.

Your brand needs to SHOW UP! And it needs to be there to inform, educate or entertain people.

As Dave Gerhardt (CMO at says it so well:

“This is the time to scale up content.

Content is the thing that gets people to know/like/trust your brand. And if you do content right over the next 3–6 months, you can build relationships with people who will be your future buyers in Q4 and beyond.

Just because people might not be buying in your industry doesn’t mean they don’t want entertainment or education from your brand.”

So what can you do?


Bring value.

Show up.

Prepare and answer buyer questions.

Entertain if it is relevant to your brand.

Help another brand.

Help a fellow marketer.

Reach out and co-brand initiatives.

Build a library of content that helps buyers.

Keep in touch with your audiences.

Show empathy.

Don’t be opportunistic.


This is temporary and we’ll come out of this stronger.

See you next week.


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