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Content marketing agencies in Canada

Every year, as a content agency in Montreal and a content agency in Toronto, we here at Toast meet with dozens of active and potential clients. People often ask us who our competitors are, who we compare ourselves to.

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So in the interest of transparency and honesty, we are perfectly comfortable listing some of the content marketing agencies in Canada that we have had the pleasure of running into or getting to know:

The Content Company — Based in Toronto, The Content Company has a focus on content creation for agencies, brand managers and business owners. They approach content form an SEO standpoint, helping brands’ discoverability.

Content Refined — This firm approaches content from a packaged-services angle. Through various packages, they focus on article creation, content upgrades and keyword packages.

THP— This firm has built a on-demand custom content and social media services offering. With offices in New York, London and Toronto, they’ve worked with over 720 brands since 2013.

Strategic/Objectives — A PR-oriented service offering that also caters to a brand’s content needs. They create “inventive communications strategies that deliver honest-to-goodness, real-world results.”

Harbinger — Harbinger is an independently owned marketing communications firm with deep expertise in launching brands, products and purpose in Canada. They opened our doors as a public relations agency, over 30 years ago and have partnered with clients across multiple industries from beauty/personal care, food & beverage and parenting to commodities, financial and not‑for‑profit.

Flawless Inbound — Specializing in inbound tactics for B2B using Hubspot, Flawless Inbound works with a various array of brands and corporations, helping them enable sales, marketing and customer service.

Evidently — Storytelling and an authentic message can help a brand build a strong connection with their audience. Toronto-based Evidently has experts around the world working to create authentic stories for brands seeking content marketing services.

Espresso communication — Recognized for its strategic specialization in brand identity and content design, this Montréal-based company draws on its 20 years of expertise to provide web strategy, print, digital media and event services.

Bookmark Content and Communications — On the ground, in the air, wherever your audience may be, memorable content can help you reach consumers. Bookmark Content and Communications, an international agency with offices in Montréal and Toronto, uses content marketing to connect and involve brands with their target audiences.

37th AVENUE — 37th AVENUE specializes in strategy and the creation and production of original content, and helps organizations in the Montréal area to develop and expand their client base through content marketing.

The Mark Studios — The Mark brings creativity and performance together under one roof and produces authentic content to meet its clients’ marketing objectives. This Toronto-based agency’s multidisciplinary team is equipped to develop custom content strategies to help brands engage with their audiences.

Fifth Story — Awareness of a brand is proportional to how much it can engage its audience. With this in mind, Toronto-based agency Fifth Story draws on its 30 years of experience to provide content marketing production, amplification and measurement solutions to make a connection between consumers and brands.

Bang Marketing —Mass marketing has led to resistance not only among consumers, but also among businesses. Montréal-based Bang Marketing is your B2B expert specializing in the production of content targeting businesses.

Kuration — Building a brand starts with producing quality content to engage consumers with the brand. Toronto-based Kuration specializes in brand identity design through content marketing.

Combustible — Your brand can generate more prospects by publishing relevant content and using search engine marketing automation. Montréal-based Combustible serves SMEs that want to use proven web marketing techniques to get to the next level.

La Flèche — Choosing the best content platform and vehicle is key to the brand-consumer relationship. La Flèche, a Québec-based agency specializing in content marketing, offers strategy services based on useful, educational and entertaining content that moves along the conversation with your audience.

Indaba Digital — Content marketing is a tool for fostering growth and innovation within today’s businesses. That’s why Vancouver-based agency Indaba Digital uses content to drive brand engagement with consumers.

Noodle Wave — The best memories often make the best stories. Vancouver-based Noodle Wave and its skilled production team offer brands a unique form of storytelling that attracts and engages audiences.

Republik — “Real talk, no bullshit”: Authentic content helps brands build consumer loyalty. Montréal-based agency Republik sets itself apart by creating content designed to be shared and distributed to target audiences using optimal media strategies.

Totem — Creating original content, directing content toward the best audience and getting a return on investment from the brand-consumer experience: that’s what Totem does for clients seeking their services. This Toronto-based agency specializes in content marketing.

Substance stratégies — Digital media is all about new paradigms, putting content at the heart of communication. To tackle this, Montréal-based agency Substance strategies offers planning, production, amplification and measurement services to continually optimize its clients’ brands.

Tavanberg — Made up of brand builders, social media geeks and storytellers, Tavanberg uses content to reach its clients’ audiences. Based in Toronto, the agency is supported by a team of experts who are ready to help brands plan and produce a content strategy that will meet their needs.

The Tite Group — There is always room for improvement—a better way to invest your money to hopefully get a better return on investment. For The Tite Group, content marketing is the way for modern businesses to improve their marketing strategies. The Toronto-based agency meets the needs of clients looking to boost awareness of their brand by producing quality work.

Toast Studio — Oh yeah, that’s us! We’re a Montréal-based content agency capable of building audiences for a great many advertisers in Canada and the United States. In the last (almost) 20 years, we’ve built an expertise in content strategy, content production and content distribution.

So, who will your content agency be? Give us a shout—let’s talk and see whether Toast is the right agency for you.