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Propel your brand's content strategy, simply

Implement the tools and practices your brand needs to make a durable impact on your audience.

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Strategists cost a lot. Strategic consulting brings value, but at a high ticket price. But how complicated is it really?


Strategy is not rocket science.

And it does not need to be, or at the risk of not being used or implemented properly.

At Toast, we’ve built our approach to content strategy around the link between your audience and your brand.

What does your brand need to say and how can we frame that around what your audience wants or expects?

Simple as that.

We believe in a world where people can be informed, educated and entertained in the best way possible.

We have a process to find the answers to the question above. We ask questions, we check boxes, we make sure no rock is left unturned (you can read about it in the workbook you can download here).

But in the end it is not complicated.

Clients are sometimes surprised to see how simple it can be in the end.

And that is the key. Simplicity drives execution.

If it is too complicated, it will not be executed or it will be painful while it is.

That’s why we’ve developed a simple, effective strategic model that really generates impact for your brand.

Book one of our experts

It is over 400 brands that have benefited from the help of the experts in branded content at Toast, creating bold and unconventional storytelling with the goal of building loyal and engaged audiences.

Our process

Essentially, we want to answer 4 questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • What’s stopping you from getting there?
  • What is your strategy to achieve this?

Our goal is to enable you to justify all content investments at the organizational level, while giving you the tools to build the best briefs for your content creators.

What is a strategy mandate like?

An initial meeting will allow us to better understand the current situation and to establish the different initiatives that need to be put in place. For example, some brands have excellent definitions of their segments, while others will ask that this exercise be done from scratch.

This is done mainly in what we call the bootcamp, a half-day meeting where we turn over all the stones, where we make sure we understand the issues and what has been achieved.

Following this, the various initiatives will be tackled and will give way to tools and procedures that will allow you to create the best content and generate convincing results in accordance with your organization’s business objectives and orientations.

If necessary, we can then set up an ongoing support plan to allow your teams to be guided and to have access to experts and advice, even once the strategy has been documented and is being implemented.

The content strategy framework

Built in the form of a canvas, it allows marketing teams to ask themselves the right questions and thus be able to evaluate whether the key elements of a good content strategy are well documented and reflected in their own organization.

You can actually download our content strategy guide to learn more.

We have divided the guide into 7+1 steps, which are all components of a successful content strategy.

Step 0: Audit and competition
Step 1: Objectives, results and performance (KPIs)
Step 2: Personas
Step 3: Tone and manner
Step 4: Content library
Step 5: Distribution channels
Step 6: Processes, workflows, resources and ContentOps
Step 7: Cost structure and content budgeting