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Content marketing and branded content

Think like a brand, act like a broadcaster.


We are audience builders. We develop and execute content strategies tailored to your brand.


Content strategy

Content creation

Content distribution and amplification

Content strategy

A well thought-out, planned and prepared content strategy is at the core of a successful content marketing program.

The bootcamp is the kick-off meeting to what will become your content strategy playbook.

A 2 to 3 hour meeting with the Toast team where we have these two main objectives in mind; define the brand identity and clarify the tone and manner.

During the meeting we will discuss the following points:

Step 1: Define the brand identity
– Define the brand’s mission
– Define the brand attributes
– Define sales objectives
– Determine the KPIs of content campaigns

Step 2: Clarify the tone and manner
– Explore emotions, values and personality
– Define the lexicon, brand language and visual language with specific examples
– Establish best practices (do’s and don’ts)
– List angles for social media : key topics, areas of interest, themes, etc.


Clear objectives are essential in achieving meaningful results. They create a clear picture that can be shared with the entire organization, ensuring that everyone knows what their impact on results is.

This analysis ensures that content objectives will be aligned with business objectives. This then makes it possible to set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) content objectives.


Choose a limited number of quantitative and qualitative performance indicators that will allow the campaign objectives to be properly monitored.


Market analysis involves collecting data on consumers, competitors and the industry. To identify where you stand on the industry’s positioning map. It is essential to have an overview of what similar brands have as a content strategy in order to have a clear picture of the environment in which you operate.

The audience analysis involves evaluating your current online audience to ensure that it is aligned with your objectives.


Audit of existing content on your various online platforms (website, facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedIn, etc.). Before producing content, it is essential to examine all the existing content that has been produced so far, which allows us to analyse the strengths and weaknesses.The objective is to integrate the main lessons learned from the audit into the book in the final playbook.


Knowing your target audience well in business is essential. This exercise often requires managers to make choices, because “we want to sell to everyone” will not be helpful in content marketing. You must discover and understand the expectations and needs of your audience and all its segments.

Establishing key personas is done by combining an analysis of existing consumer data with brainstorming based on the company’s objectives. From the development of the personas leads to a detailed profile on each of the potential targets. These profiles include age group, interests, social characteristics and purchasing behaviour.

Read more about personas.

Thanks to the previous steps of our process, it is now possible to position everything in time. An effective annual, quarterly and finally monthly planning ensures that all content is aligned with established objectives. It puts all content in context while facilitating the work of the creation and deployment teams.

Sketching your annual editorial calendar helps to better organize publications on all platforms, to prioritize themes and to anticipate low traffic periods.


The last step in the playbook is to define the tone and manner.

The way you will address your different target audiences, the way your message will be constructed (personality, language, lexicon, visual and written with examples, best practices, do’s and don’ts).


Content creation

A well-executed content strategy, through high-impact content creation, brings results and engagement with your audience.

Brand Films is a long-form storytelling video. Brand Films is designed to express the brand values in a way that leaves a longer lasting impression to the viewer. Brand films are also meant to be longer, more enjoyable and more immersive than your usual commercial.


Short-form video marketing can take the form of teasers, pre-roll videos, social content, newsletter content, and the list goes on. It’s the art of keeping it short, sweet and engaging, since we know that more than half of the videos that are 90 seconds or less are watched to completion.


Branded documentaries, just like brand films are designed to create brand awareness, engage audiences and generate leads. Plus, the movie format is so entertaining; audiences don’t even realize they are branded.

To read more on the subject:

Written articles are part of the foundation of any content marketing campaign. Through our bank of more than 300 freelancers or with our in-house editors, we prioritize finding the person who could best appropriate the tone and voice of your brand.

Types of written content: long articles, aggregation of articles, listicles, blog articles, interviews, tips and tricks etc.


White papers are a long form of content marketing that we could produce side by side your team. Designed with your products in mind, these papers main goal will be to present selected facts, offers and arguments. Our approach will be to accompany you in the wording, storytelling and design of these papers. As well as help with deployment to reach great visibility in search engine results and thus build web traffic or registration.


Whether in our Studio or on location, photo shoots are a production method we can assist you with. Throughout the years we worked on food and drinks photography, portraits, product shoots, event coverage, lifestyle photography and 360 images.


The coordination, creation and strategic planning of SEO tactics. Meaning how can we leverage your digital channels with to gain more visibility or increase conversion. More specifically how can we help you with an optimal content strategy and production techniques that will increase your Google rank.


At the crossroads between writing and translation, adaptation work transposes concepts or emotions from one language to another. Our partners know how to immerse themselves and transpose the idea behind them in a dozen languages.


Content distribution and amplification

Just producing content is not enough, you need to make sure it is deployed on the right platforms and amplified where needed with the right tactics.

Having goals is good. Measuring your results in order to achieve them is even better. Your content strategy must include the right KPI measurement tools and processes for communicating results to all stakeholders. Results that are not communicated cannot be used to benefit the overall content strategy and its initiatives.


The team of content creators and copywriters take the time analyse the brand’s objective and tone and manner to ensure that each piece of content (words, micro-content, graphics, GIFs,etc.) is curated with the right brand voice and message. A well crafted editorial calendar will make sure the message you want to share is one that engages, while taking into account the subtleties of each social platform.


Beyond providing engaging text, image and video content for social media accounts, community management is responding to comments and followers’ queries in a timely manner. This step helps with engagement on your page and with customer service.


Following today’s algorithms can be tricky that’s why the growth potential of a properly developed and managed social media account has a lot to do with social media marketing.

The coordination, creation and optimization of paid digital advertising on all social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google), including native advertising, SEM and SMM. Reaching your set KPIs combining your brand’s unique ad content with the social networks’ laser-focussed ad targeting.

Developing and managing short and long-term affiliate programs between brands and influencers. Our approach is to co-create relevant content that will seamlessly work into the content calendar.


We serve a broad range of clients from a wide variety of industries.


Showrooming is not the only way shoppers have changed. Visitors and customers want to connect with your brand and want to make sure they can trust what you are offering.

How well is your retail brand positioning itself in this new online-offline ecosystem?


Your brand must adjust to today’s consumers reality. Being on social, having a newsletter and producing the most engaging video is key to creating that strong relationship your brand needs, but you can do so much more.

How well does your team execute on relationship-building content initiatives?


Brands must connect with consumers on a deeper level. In the past, consumers voted with their wallets. Today, they vote with their time.

Is your brand providing enough value to consumers so that they are willing to actually spend time with you online and offline? How strong is your relationship with them?


It is essential you build a strong relationship with your product’s buyers, throughout the buying cycle. You need to have content tailored to every persona in their buying group.

Is your sales team well equipped to be able to bring value to leads, customers throughout their lifecycle with your brand?


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