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Coaching, conferences and training

One of Toast’s goals is that everyone becomes a better person every day.


Executing a content strategy or content program on a daily basis is no small task.

For several years, our team of experts has been coaching content team leaders in the implementation, deployment and execution of their content programs.

From team management to process implementation, our coaching and support approach provides leaders with a consulting approach that understands their reality and can guide them through the various challenges that an organization implementing a successful content strategy may face.

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Here are some examples of the types of discussions and interventions we do:

Training programs

One of Toast’s goals is to make everyone a better person every day. That’s why we actively build conferences and training programs for a wide variety of audiences.

It’s all part of our “Growth Through Learning” culture.

Our training offer is managed by Formations Infopresse. Click on the logo below to access the calendar of upcoming training sessions (in French):

Our English training programs are offered through us directly. Book a call with a member of our team to learn more about how we can help your team develop its content skills.


Engage and delight your audience with insights and best practices

Throughout the year, the experts at Toast are present on many stages, talking about our passion for content and how we make an impact in the organizations we work with.

Do not hesitate to invite us if you would like to engage and delight your audience.

We can cover a wide array of subject and themes.

Want to invite us?

Alexandre Gravel, our cofounder, is your best point of contact on the matter. He will be able to see with you who would be the ideal person from Toast to attend and present at your event.

Do not hesitate to contact Alexandre!


Here are some examples of recent events we were part of the roster of speakers: