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Workshops and Conferences

One goal we have at Toast is to that people become better persons, every single day. This is the reason we are actively involved in giving conferences and workshops to a wire range of audiences.

It is all part of our “Growth through learning” culture.

Our Workshops

Our experts at Toast are giving workshops on branded content and content marketing strategy on a very regular basis.

If you are interested in attending a one-day masterclass or a workshop on a specific subject, keep an eye out on the schedules of the organizations with whom we have partnered to organize and host our training sessions.

Our objective is to go beyond your usual classroom event

CMOs and marketers understand that the era of interruption marketing is over, but how do you transform your marketing organization to implement a form of creativity and content marketing that wins the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers?

This is not your usual conference where you come to listen to people talk, sell their products, where you leave with little or no real value that can help you in your daily work.

Would like to know more?

Get in touch with Alexandre Gravel, our cofounder and chief-teaching-officer (we just made that up) and see what is currently planned, or how we could organize a customized workshop with your internal marketing team.

Conferences and Panels

Engage and delight your audience with insights and best practices

Throughout the year, the experts at Toast are present on many stages, talking about our passion for content and how we make an impact in the organizations we work with.

Do not hesitate to invite us if you would like to engage and delight your audience.

We can cover a wide array of subject and themes.

Here are some examples from recent events we were a part of:

  • Storytelling and its impact on consumer behaviour
  • Branded content and brand films
  • Industry-specific business cases on content marketing
  • Social media and the public sector
  • The attention economy
  • How the media industry is adapting to new content consumption challenges
  • Best practices in video marketing strategy
  • The 12-steps of a great content strategy

Want to invite us?

Alexandre Gravel, our cofounder, is your best point of contact on the matter. He will be able to see with you who would be the ideal person from Toast to attend and present at your event.

Do not hesitate to contact us!