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Content Strategy Optimization Program

We optimize the content initiatives of your team to help them reach new heights and discover unexplored opportunities.

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Your team plans, produces and publishes content every day, but is their work as optimized as it could be?

“Do you see things that could be improved?”

“Do you think there are gaps in our content strategy?”

“Do you think there are ways to optimize our editorial calendar?”

“Is our team structure the right one?”

These are the common questions marketing managers regularly ask us and that set the stage for the work our teams do on a daily basis with our various customers.

It’s the reason why Toast Studio has developed a content strategy optimization program that allows organizations to elevate the quality of their content initiatives.

The 4 month program

Step 1: Diagnosis of the current situation, including meeting and interviews with teams.
Step 2: Identification of immediate opportunities and medium-term projects.
Step 3: Setting up a schedule of training workshops, optimization and coaching of teams.
Step 4: Schedule a weekly pace of meetings with team leaders to ensure proper follow-up on projects and opportunities.
Step 5: Monthly update meetings to follow-up with leaders responsible for the program.

Why 4 months?

Based on our experience with many teams and organizations, the first three to four weeks are relatively fixed in their course and duration, allowing our experts to make a complete assessment of your situation. However, the implementation and operationalization of the optimization opportunities that will arise can vary greatly and must be done at your own pace. This usually requires a duration that respects the daily routines of the teams, and over 12 weeks, it is possible to implement optimizations and see their effects (making adjustments if necessary).

Will my teams be swamped with new tasks during the program?

No. The duration of the program is reflected in the fact that your teams already have busy work days, and optimizations must be done in parallel, without overloading individuals with tasks, reflections and adjustments that are too demanding. That’s why we are planning a regular pace of follow-up meetings to validate progress, without putting too much pressure on the members of your teams.

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Concrete examples of optimizations

As they say: “this isn’t our first Rodeo” as our team is made up of seasoned experts who have helped companies from various sectors and with different goals and objectives optimize their content strategy. Here are some examples of what we’ve implemented with different customers:

  • Assessment of the skills and abilities of members of one of Loto-Québec’s social media teams;

  • Support in the documentation of the audiences targeted by Bombardier’s content strategy;

  • Training on existing content enhancement techniques to optimize the return on investment of COVEO’s content strategy;

  • Audit of the competition and the distinct opportunities of two audience segments at DuProprio;

  • Adapting Service Canada’s content strategy to foster synergies and collaboration between provincial and national teams;

  • Recommendations on the approach and architecture of a content hub for Médicus;

  • Defining the role of publishing platforms in relation to ESG+ targets and business objectives;

  • Creative workshops that helped define the international narrative for the Kamik brand;

  • Coaching a team leader in a large company for their professional development in relation to content strategy and social media governance;

  • Research and implementation of tools to improve the statistical analysis work of SDTC teams.


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"What was once a strong trend is now a reality for marketers who believe that insourcing can help in terms of efficiency, speed, control and cost. The problem, of course, is that there is no single approach. Major brands cannot simply imitate their peers, they have to determine whether in-house management of creativity, media, social or a mix of various tasks is the right solution. Currently, marketers such as P&G, A-B InBev, Clorox and Ally Financial, among others, are using a hybrid approach to internalization by continuing to use agencies for certain services and developing other capabilities in-house. »

… this is why it is essential to set up partnerships to support your internal teams. 

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