The Jam

A unique tool that allows you to know the needs and expectations of your audience. It is used in content marketing, internal communications and television audience analysis.

Do you know what content your audience really wants to receive from you? Why don’t you ask them? The Jam is an innovative new research protocol, supported by CROP’s extensive experience in marketing research, that combines the richness of a qualitative exploratory survey with the precision of quantitative techniques!

With the Jam, our objective is essentially to ask a representative segment of your consumers or audience what content they would like to have.

At the end of a Jam, you get:

1. The main report of the Jam with 150 to 200 content ideas
2. The report on the pillars
3. As an option, the fundamental values of your audience (PANORAMA)
4. As an option, the eating habits of your audience (the NUTRIO study)

1. The main report of the Jam

With the Jam, you get a detailed report on all content ideas, grouped by pillars and ranked by popularity and importance.

This report lists all the content ideas, ranked according to their popularity and importance.

In the example above, we did a Jam with an audience of people who do physical activity every week, it is noted that these people seem to be interested in the impact of their physical activity on mental health, rather than the last piece of clothing or training regimen (which could have been your initial estimate).

The content is classified into 4 quadrants:

Headline: This is the content that you MUST cover, have available in the form of videos and/or articles. It is both popular and important for your audience.

The basis to offer: Popular content, but not that important. This is the content of your hub, for which you do not spend too much money, but which remains relevant to generate traffic and commitment.

Static: Topics that were mentioned but that were not yet very popular or important. A good fallback solution when you are short of ideas.

Niche: This is a very interesting quadrant in the sense that it shows content that is considered very important, but that has not been mentioned very often. This is content that is very valuable to a subset of your audience. Could it be a potential for monetization?

2. The report on the pillars

We also group content ideas into pillars, which allows you to see at a single glance, the emerging trends that you need to cover in your content plan.

Getting a report with hundreds of content ideas is great, but getting a report that groups these ideas into pillars, showing the relative scale between them, allows you to make even better decisions for your production planning and editorial calendar.

A typical Jam could reveal 9 to 12 of these pillars.

3. PANORAMA: The fundamental values

Having good ideas is something, being able to put them into practice, with the right tone and the right way, is a whole other challenge.

As an option to the Jam, we can also study the core values of your audience, giving you valuable ideas on how you should approach their problems, how they like their content, and what kind of brand language they like to engage with.

In this report, we present you with the core values that over-index or under-index in relation to the general population, so that you immediately know how to structure your tone with your audience.

In our example of “people who do physical activity at least once a week”, you can see that “fatalism” sub-index and “biomanism” over-index. What does this mean?

The under-indexed “fatalism” value means that you should not use an approach that falls on the side of “If you don’t do it, it will happen to you”, “If you don’t exercise, you will be sick”, etc. You should turn it the other way around and be positive.

The over-indexed value of “biomanism” means that your audience feels very connected to its environment and nature, that we are all connected to the Earth and that we must do everything we can to protect it. For example, if you were to illustrate an article on jogging, choose a picture of a person running in a park, not in an urban environment. This will resonate much better with your audience and could increase your click rate.

4. NUTRIO: Study on eating habits

Are you in the food industry? Does your current content strategy include recipes, cooking tips and tricks? What if you could also know how your audience feeds itself?

As an option to the Jam, we can also conduct a study on the eating habits of your audience, giving you valuable ideas on how you should cover any type of food or gastronomic content.

  • Do they like to eat in restaurants?
  • Are they ready to try complex recipes?
  • Do they buy all their food in a single point of sale, week after week?

In this report, we present the eating habits that are over-indexed or under-indexed in relation to the general population.

In our example of “people who do physical activity at least once a week”, here are some examples of what we have discovered:

They don’t all shop in the same place.
They like to invite in advance.
They like to try complex recipes.

In summary

A well executed Jam can bring value to your brand for a very long time. The basis on which it has been developed allows you to use its insights across all your brand initiatives, and not only at the marketing level because it can be, for instance, extremely valuable for product development.

To learn more about the costs and details of execution, contact us today!