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We are audience builders

Our goal is to help you grow and nurture your audience by helping you learn more about them.


Knowing your audience is key to creating a meaningful connection with them.

At Toast, we like to say that we are more than a content agency or a pure advertising agency. We are audience builders. These are the audiences you want to inform, educate and entertain. It is therefore essential to know them well, to know where they are and to be able to reach them thanks to the digital platforms at our disposal.

To know your targets well, you have to make choices, establish your different customer profiles and then be able to follow them throughout their user journey. These are the choices we can help you with.

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What you need to know

Define your targeting attributes: the who?

We can help you assess the size of your different customer typologies while determining the right way to target them with relevant and engaging content. 

Identify the right tone and manner: the how?

When you tailor your messages to the values, emotions and mindset of your audiences, you develop your brand’s personality and communication approach.

Establish your content pillars: the what?

By uncovering your audience’s specific content needs along the customer journey, we’ll be better able to define the pillars and content series to focus on for your brand’s content strategy.

Choose the right distribution channels: the where?

It’s important to map the different proprietary and social platforms and content formats most appropriate for your different audience segments to ensure you’re reaching your audience along the entire customer journey.

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We develop and use innovative tools that allow us to dig deeper

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative tools to help us think through and develop audience strategies.

As a result, over the years, we have developed and acquired various tools that allow us to gain in-depth and relevant knowledge of your audiences on demographic, psychological and behavioral levels and even in relation to their digital content preferences.

Developing and knowing your audience is a process by which we make sure we cover all the elements that will allow you to build your list of target markets, consumers and clients:

Joint Bootcamp between the client team and the Toast team
Strategic thinking of the different areas of work
Market research (when relevant, we conduct qualitative and quantitative studies)
Documentation of segments, personas and results
Implementation and deployment of initiatives related to the insights uncovered during the process.
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