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Movember: Make a donation, get a t-shirt!

We’ve talked about it here, Toast is getting involved with Movember during the entire month o’ November. To follow our progress, we also recommend you follow us on Facebook.

This week, we are launching a  new exclusive line of t-shirts on the Movember theme.

NEW: Buy a t-shirt from our exclusive line, and Toast will convert up to 90% of the price paid to a donation for prostate cancer research.

We’ve prepared three models, each with its own custom donation.


Tag price: $30.00
(portion donated: $20.00)



Tag price: $50.00
(portion donated: $40.00)


Tag price: $100.00
(portion donated: $90.00)

* You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

So, we won’t beat around the bush (…): have you donated yet?  Visit our online store to put in your order!


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