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Of tone and emojis

From the 🙂 of the 90s to the pile of poo of today. There’s a whole story here!

It is rare that in a language, we are lucky enough to have a new batch of letters at our disposal. Could emojis really be considered as new characters?

We will let the linguists debate it.

However, for us, from the point of view of content creators, the advent of emojis has definitely allowed us to easily bring certain nuances to texts that could have been misinterpreted and opened the door to all kinds of uses for these cute yellow (and other colours) faces.

These small characters have definitely taken over social networks, but are also present in press releases and corporate emails.

Emojis are one of the characteristics of the digital age and are now used in our daily lives.

The different platforms, for example, IOS, will even generate new emojis with each software update. Arielle Pardes at Wired has published a very good article on the history of emotions and their meaning in today’s communications.



Another article to look at would be the one made by AppInstitute which makes an illustrated timeline that traces the different highlights of emojis. We invite you to read these articles to learn more about the beginnings of these small characters.

What is even more surprising is that these small icons are used by individuals of all ages and that they adapt to our society.

Platforms are even increasingly trying to produce emojis that are more inclusive, open and are also trying to response to social criticism.

To be continued with the next software update!




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