Processes, workflows and governance: resources and guides

Content operations (ContentOps) is an essential element in any content marketer’s toolbox. It has become an essential part of every major brand’s most impactful content strategies.

The following resources and guides were built to help content marketing leaders in perfecting their craft and to guide content teams in applying today’s best practices.


It’s not sexy, and usually considered not the most creative aspect, but content operations management is an essential part of any serious content strategy.

Content marketing operations (ContentOps) is a comprehensive way to plan, manage and assess content for businesses. It involves combining new technologies, processes and people in order to effectively reach customers with the right message at the right time.

As more and more brands rely on content marketing to build and maintain trust with their audiences, scaling content production becomes a quintessential challenge to consider.

Not many brands build a content program where slowing down content production is a key element.

Although some brands SHOULD slow down content production (you can have a look at the conclusion of this article for arguments on this approach), there are many reasons why a brand might want to scale its efforts.

Managing a content marketing team can be challenging as it requires coordinating different skill sets, ensuring consistency in messaging, tracking ROI, and keeping up with evolving trends and algorithms. 

Here are 13 questions you can ask your content team in order to gauge how things are going.

Nearly 86% of B2C companies and 91% of B2B companies say they use content in their marketing strategies.

Of these, 62% (B2C) and 56% (B2B) use external resources for certain content marketing activities. Content creation, content promotion, performance measurement and strategy are just a few examples of activities that are regularly delegated to experts outside the organization.