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Saturday Night Live to cut 30% of ad time

SNL cutting two commercial breaks and creating branding opportunities in its content.

The show is preparing to enter its 42nd season. Clearly an IP that has demonstrated it can reinvent and adapt itself throughout all those years.

This year, part of this renewal will be done through a 30% cut of ad time, replacing it with content. In that wake, NBC will offer marketers the possibility to produce content to be integrated into SNL, but only 6 times a year.

There is currently a joint effort by the TV industry to make the viewing experience more pleasant to viewers by reducing interruptions and integrating brand messaging into the content.

It is directly in this trend that Toast acts as a television producer. How can we, in a concerted effort with broadcasters, improve the experience for consumers?

AdWeek sums up the situation very well in an article where they discuss with Lorne Michaels, executive producer of SNL, and Linda Yaccarino of NBC Universal.


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