Services in content marketing
and branded content

Content strategy
& operations

Content marketing and branded content is now part of every organization’s marketing toolbox. As one of the first content agencies in North America, we have built a solid expertise in content strategy and content operations that allows the brands we work with to create, produce and deliver the most relevant and solid content.


Video production &
brand storytelling

Of all the formats your brand creates to reach and connect with its audiences, video is the one that has the most impact. It is a format that has the most potential to touch an individual on multiple levels, but it is also the format which requires the best team behind it. We have over two decades of experience in producing strong brand storytelling for the clients we work with.


Editorial production
& SEO optimization

We read more content than we’ve ever read in history. It is an essential for any content strategy and digital marketing program. From discoverability to serving the needs and expectations of your audiences, editorial content and SEO optimization are key in making sure you reach the objectives you’ve set in your content strategy. With over two decades of experience, our teams can work with you in crafting the perfect written content for your products or services.


Podcast & audio

It is no secret to anyone, podcasting and audio content has risen in popularity and reach over the past decade. It is now an essential tool in any marketer’s toolbox and has the potential to reach new audiences in ways that were previously not possible. Our audio production teams have the experience and the expertise to bring your next podcast series to the most relevant and engaged audiences.


Coaching, conferences
& training

Marketing, and especially content marketing, are often described as moving targets. You must constantly be able to adjust, learn and develop your expertise to stay on top of the game as a manager, but also as a brand in a fierce market. This is the reason marketing talent, managers and executives must have access to training and development opportunities. Toast has always had a posture of openness and desire to make the individuals we work with better at what they do. This is the reason we offer many different opportunities for training and coaching.


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