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The reaction of advertisers and brands to COVID-19 (statistics)

The reaction was quick, and might change the scenery for a while.

Depending on where you live, we’re now well into this crisis and the ultimate end is nowhere near.

Advertisers and brands have acted quickly, stopping campaigns, cancelling media buys, adjusting their messaging, toning down their direct-response messages.

We’re all going through this with a whole lot of varied emotions. As marketers and channel managers, but also as citizens.

More than ever, brands need to be authentic.

More than ever, audiences want to choose how they consume content, and will avoid pushy tactics and campaigns.

How can you be what interests your audience and stop interrupting what interests them?

We believe at Toast that everyone must have the opportunity to be informed, educated and entertained in the best way possible. And content is key in making this happen.

eMarketer published numbers on how advertisers reacted in March. A very interesting read.

Now knee-deep into this, how are you reacting? Which content tactics are you putting into place to keep a vivid connection between you and your audience?

We can help.



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