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Transmedia storytelling explained [infographic]

Transmedia storytelling is the technique of telling a story and delivering content over multiple platforms. In itself, it might sound like any other integrated marketing campaign, but it is actually quite different.

The overarching narrative arc is what links all those platforms together, each not merely being a repetition of the same content.

It sounds simple enough told this way, but does one make it a reality, what is required and what is the process to make it happen?

Getty Images, one of the largest stock footage and photography resource has put together a very good infographic that digs deeper into the entire thing.

And they put it nicely into a list of five key steps to consider when working a transmedia campaign:

  1. Audience first: Hook them emotionally, intellectually.
  2. Deliver experience: Deliver a different one with every media/platform.
  3. Deliver engagement: How deep can your audience go?
  4. Think screen: Brand recall is 74% when seen on all 4 screens (TV, desktop, phone, tablet) compared with 50% on TV alone (and remember, TV is still strong).
  5. Pull media together: The way to pull it together is also to pull it apart – segmenting the story to best suit each medium’s strengths wether digital or traditional.

This is definitely a great way to dig deeper into the transmedia creation process. They did a great job.

Below is the entire infographic for you to enjoy. Fell free to contact us if you’d like to know more.


(source: Getty Images)



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