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The content strategy guide is a tool that we have developed in light of a large number of projects we have carried out in a variety of businesses, of different sizes and from different sectors of activity.

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The 8+1 steps of a successful content strategy

Built in the form of a canvas, it allows marketing teams to ask themselves the right questions and thus be able to evaluate whether the key elements of a good content strategy are well documented and reflected in their own organization.

We have divided the guide into 8+1 steps, which are all components of a successful content strategy.

  • Audit and competition
  • Objectives, results and performance (KPIs)
  • Personas
  • Tone and manner
  • Content library
  • Distribution channels
  • Management activities
  • Internal and external resources
  • Cost structure

Who Is This Guide For

This guide is for marketing executives (CMOs, VPs, directors, etc.) who care about the success of their organization and want to implement the best possible content strategy.

It is equally relevant for marketing team members in large organizations who want to implement best and emerging practices in content design, production and deployment.

The methodology presented in this guide is intended for medium and large organizations, but can equally inspire small businesses to plan and execute their content strategy.

Whether your organization operates in B2B or B2C, the methodology presented is applicable to both of these major business sectors. In addition, all industries and verticals we’ve been in contact with over the years at Toast (and there are many!) can benefit from this methodology.

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