The definition of transmedia storytelling and 3 rules to make it better.

Most of you know how we believe at Toast that transmedia storytelling, by definition, is synonymous with modern media consumption.

But what is it really?

Why not ask a pioneer in the form, Jeff Gomez of New York City’s Starlight Runner. Indiewire did just that, in this week’s article.

In a discussion with Gomez, Paula Bernstein asks him first how he would define transmedia storytelling:

“Transmedia really in and of itself doesn’t mean all that much. It’s about being able to communicate across various platforms in some kind of meaningful way. But when you hook it up to an action like storytelling, transmedia storytelling means you’re telling stories but you’re using different media in order to get the entire story. You’re using the media in a concerted fashion. In an ideal world, that transmedia element is something that is going to enhance your experience of the narrative. It’s going to give you new insight and play to the strength of the medium.”

She goes on to ask him about the 3 basic rules of transmedia storytelling. I recommend you click on the link below and read the entire description of these rules, but in short, here they are :

  • Your story needs to have an aspirational quality. People will not follow you to another platform if it is really a downer and dark.
  • You have to understand the platforms you have at hand (function of your budget).
  • You cannot ignore your audience. Build ways for them to give you feedback or even, when relevant, participate.

The entire article goes deeper into these concepts, I invite to you read it, well worth the time. And why not head over to our blog if you have questions, we’re never too far.