Consumers consider that over half of content that brands produce is bad.

In its most recent “Meaningful Brands” report, the Havas agency reveals that new data shows that there is a relationship between a brand’s performance, its relevancy and the content it produces.

84% of consumers expect brands to produce content, but as of today, close to 60% of what they publish is considered noise or litter.

The study draws a direct link between content effectiveness of a brand and the impact the brand has on the personal well-being of consumers. This means that brands that have the most impact are also the ones publishing the best content.

The effectiveness of content depends on what it brings to the consumer. We repeat this over and over, but the content you produce is not about you. It has to be thought and created with the needs of your consumers in mind. What’s in it for them!

But, to bring good results, content also has to be relevant to the industry in which the brand evolves. Wether it is to inspire, educate, help, reward, inform or entertain, you have to have a structured thought process that will establish where production efforts need to be raised and where they need to be cut. The tourism industry must not view content through the same lens that the automobile industry does.

An article recently published over at Warc goes a little deeper on the (very interesting) subject. I also invite you to follow the link to the Meaningful Brands website to learn even more about the results.