Just shooting video is not enough, no matter the budget.

We are at a point in time where the public expects to have access to video content for pretty much anything they might be looking for.

This means that brands and IP owners are recognizing this and producing more and more video content. And all that branded content, to have an impact, must have gone through the proper production process.

This week’s article is from ReelSEO. They outline 7 key questions that content producers must ask themselves BEFORE starting to shoot.

Here’s a short version of what you’ll find in the complete article (the article also shows business cases for each) :

  • What is Your Goal for This Video?
  • How Many Stories are You Trying to Tell?
  • Will the Video be True to your Brand?
  • Will the Video be Interesting Enough?
  • Where is the Video Most Likely to be watched?
  • Is it the Right Length?
  • Is it Going to be Legal?

At Toast, there are two words we repeat almost on a daily basis: “Utility + Reach”. Content must be useful and it has to be distributed in a way that maximizes its reach.

As you see, questions #4 and #5 allow you to make sure utility and reached are part of the production thinking.

I’ll let you head over to ReelSEO’s article and discover examples and read more about each of these 7 questions.