For the World Cup, Adidas went with a content first approach. Here’s what they learned.

The World Cup is where a lot of marketing money gets spent, with the entire world watching. Of course, not all advertisers have the means and intended reach of the Adidas’, Nike’s and Coke’s of this world, but there is always something to learn by watching them go.

This year, Adidas went all-in with a content first approach. What really is interesting is how they really did it with long-term results in mind.

‘When we look back in four years time the pay off will be that we didn’t rely on the boom and bust of an ad campaign.,’ Tom Ramsden, global brand marketing director of Football at the sportswear giant explains. ‘From our results a content first approach is the strongest way to win, and our legacy [from this World Cup] is the followers we can continue the conversation with’.

This quote is taken from a discussion Marketing Magazine, out of the UK, had with Ramsden following the World Cup.

In it, he discusses their objectives, the situation of the brand, but also, 7 rules that they validate their actions by:

  1. Investment in ‘Anticipated content’
  2. Don’t be afraid to place content ahead of your brand
  3. People trump traditional sponsorship properties
  4. Create your own stories
  5. Have a clear purpose
  6. Look beyond the campaign
  7. Don’t leave your emotions at the door

For any brand, taking the long-term route is never an easy thing. Results are expected, and they are expected fast. Content marketing doesn’t generate immediate results, it is an investment in your audience.

Take some time to discover these 7 rules, great description in this Marketing Magazine article.