Best practices in content performance measurement is something we need to revisit on a regular basis.

I’ve touched on this subject more than once here and the way I see it, it is something we need to touch upon on a regular basis.


Because I don’t think we’re there yet. The way to measure performance, to link it to business KPIs, there hasn’t been a clear way to include all the business units into one cohesive content-measurement-team.

I wanted to invite you to read Pawan Deshpande’s latest article, over at the Content Marketing Institute.

Deshpande has recently spent a lot of time on content performance measurement. He published an extensive eBook on the subject (linked in the article).

He presents an overview of his measurement framework in today’s article, where he outlines 8 types of possible content metrics:

  1. Consumption metrics
  2. Retention metrics
  3. Sharing metrics
  4. Engagement metrics
  5. Lead metrics
  6. Sales metrics
  7. Production metrics
  8. Cost metrics

The article explains how you can measure each of these, how they relate to one another and how start working on measuring your content efforts using this framework.

I strongly suggest you first read the article, and when ready, dive into the full eBook.