In a noisy and ever so busy content world, knowing your audience, their needs and expectations are the key to having an impact. How can your team do this on a daily basis?

Whether you are targeting a new audience or trying to reach even more of the audience you have, fostering knowledge and considering the humans behind your digital platforms are key to touch them at the heart and generate trust and engagement.

But how can a content team develop an audience-centric culture and make sure that on a daily basis, your brand is always learning more about the people it is trying to reach?

Alain Thys (author of the book “So you want to be customer-centric?”) recently published an article on the Futurelab blog that outlines 8 ways leaders can have a customer-centric mindset and lead their teams to a culture of putting the audience first.

These tips range from “make a formalised, quarterly effort to seek new ways of focusing on your customers” to “call meetings to review customer feedback at least once a month and invite other departments to these reviews”.

Although you might not be able to implement all 8 behaviours in your routine, most of them are fairly easy to implement.

I would be curious to know, once you’ve read the article, how many of those are you already doing and how many are you now considering adding to your cadence with your team?