Traditionally, brands have taken a cue from entertainment and applied it to its own storytelling. Are we about to see another chapter of this?

Netflix has just released a new type of series that pretty much only them can do, as they are not intimately tied to cable or traditional television formats.

Puss in Book” is leveraging not only the popular character, but also integrating interactive storytelling elements to it, much like what we had in the 80s with the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books.

Why do this? Everyone can be pretty much certain that such an interaction between story and viewer will create deeper engagement, and that is something that will make brand marketers look up and see if they can also leverage this.

Interactive storytelling is not new, but seeing Netflix trying it out is very interesting on multiple levels.

Chris Wren from Branding Strategy Insider wrote a very interesting piece about the series and its implications for brands. It dives into the logic behind it, but also ethics about screen time and artificial intelligence.