77% of B2C marketers plan to produce more content this year, yet 46% are already struggling with creating content at a consistent rate.

Don’t you think the statistic above is puzzling? Or does this mean that a whole lot of content marketers will be changing their approach to production to be able to meet their objectives? This sounds like a recipe for low-quality content.

Producing content at a consistent rate is not easy if you do not have a documented content strategy and a process that facilitates the workflow between creation and publication. (Working with a content agency can help a LOT on both fronts!) ?

Andrea Fryrear wrote a great article on agile marketing and how it can help content marketers create more quality content, with an approach that “protects” content creators and allows them to release new content on a consistent basis.

She explains how agile methods helped her write over 200 articles in 2015 and keep her focused on realistic and attainable writing goals.

Agile project management is a framework that works in short, iterative bursts (also called sprints) of production. The article explains it in more details and also links to great resources.

To start using an agile approach with a content marketing team, here’s what you need:

  1. A prioritized backlog. Everyone involved, from content creators themselves to stakeholders have to agree on what needs to be done before anything begins.
  2. Some sort of tracking board. This can be real or virtual, but this is where everyone can view what is being worked on, what’s coming up in this iteration, etc.
  3. A working agreement for your agile experiment. This must be the most important part. Content creators must be empowered to tell their bosses and colleagues, “Not yet” when they come to them with work that’s not part of their current commitment. This can seem scary, but it is essential.

If you want to learn more about agile marketing, I strongly invite you to read the full article, over at Digital Marketer, it explains in more detail what is agile marketing and how you can implement it with your marketing team.