Reddit can sometimes frighten brands by its nature, but it is a platform that can lead to great breakthroughs.

When you do a little research on the Reddit platform and how it works, you will find several articles on the dark and less joyful side of its content. But there are also some great gems that can be used by many content marketers.

Indeed, its members are divided into different subreddits (think of discussion groups with a defined subject) that deal with just about every possible subject (happy… and less happy), ranging from general public topics to hyper niche stuff.

An article published by GartnerL2 mentions the interest that brands can have for the platform, specifically in the field of beauty through the subreddit SkincareAddiction which has nearly one million members.

Brands are named in abundance and questions are asked on a wide variety of skin care topics. For a content marketer, it is a rich ground from which to draw the next issues to be addressed, the content to be produced.

Although not all participants in a subreddit see brands as welcome in consumer discussions, there may definitely be opportunities for input, collaboration and answers to questions asked.

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