How attractive is your content? How much attraction does your marketing generate?

When we explain to clients and broadcasters what we do at Toast, we always put emphasis on the value that any piece of content we create must bring value to the audience.

At no point do we create content that is useless or disposable.

And what is the most important characteristic of content that brings value? It creates and generates attraction. This means that it draws people in.

It not only catches your attention, it keeps it because it is content worth watching, reading, listening to, etc.

In a Hubspot article (disclaimer, we are Hubspot partners), Kayla Carmicheal dives deep into the notion of Attraction Marketing.

She sets the table as to how brands (like our clients) integrate attraction marketing into their customer journey, and their audiences’ journey, so that the content works hard at giving value to the person that comes in contact with it, before trying to convince this person to take a profitable action by buying something or some other form of transaction.

So if you had to audit your brand’s or channel’s content, how much of it would be considered part of a high-performance attraction marketing strategy?