New structure to focus on content and audiences.

Digital media is blurring the lines between various platforms. What is television? Is it the object in your living room, or is it linear video content?

The BBC is putting a lot of thought into a massive organizational overhaul that will create verticals based on content and audiences rather than the medium itself.

This means that instead of having BBC Television and BBC Radio divisions, the new structure could include BBC Entertain (combining radio and television programming), BBC Inform (which would include all news services), etc.

Subdivisions could split audiences and targeting further with, for example, BBC Youth which could be a subsidiary of BBC Entertain.

This thinking shows how audience building and audience insights are getting more important than ever when communicating and publishing content.

At Toast, we believe this is key in content production (yes, I just compared us to the BBC…). As branded content producers and television producers, our end-to-end workflow ensures that :

  1. We get to know your audience through research and analysis.
  2. We create the best possible content based on these insights.
  3. We make sure your content is seen by the right audience through publishing and deployment strategies that span as many platforms as needed (digital, television, etc.).

This article is not a long one. About a one-minute read. But it shows how new innovative thinking is needed is a brand or a media wants to remain relevant for years to come.