Having a hard time implementing a content strategy in your organization? You’re not alone.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and, per dollar invested, generates about three times as many leads.

Those are big numbers.

But still, it remains hard to get the buy-in to increase budgets for content production and strategy.

How does one create an internal culture that supports and leverages everything that content can bring? How does one create a Culture of Content (CoC)?

A recent report by the Altimeter group tries to answer the question by defining best practices that can be applied to various types of organizations.

They boil it down to four requirements: To build this culture an organization must have inspiration, people, process, and content.

The report is fairly detailed, but not too long (a 14-page read). If you are looking into getting your organization on-board with content, it is a must-read.

Read the Altimeter report (PDF)