Any good content marketer should consume content. That is a no brainer. Here are great book recommendations for any content aficionado.

As content enthusiasts, most of us like to read.

A lot.

No matter if you are working on informative, educational or branded entertainment content, there’s something in your reading list that really keeps you on the edge, with a brain firing on all cylinders.

Of course, we read a lot of articles.

A lot.

But books allow us to take a step back from the crazy pace of our content programs and strategy.

The Content Marketing Institute has published a round-up of great books that were published in 2019, books that content marketers will find great interest in.

They range from books dedicated to content marketing itself, but many also dive into the current state of our digital lives and our social interactions.

So dive into this list, pick a couple, a get reading!

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