Having “brand awareness” as a goal and not having relevant KPIs attached to it is like not measuring anything.

Content is often seen as a driver of brand awareness, consideration and retention.

It allows a brand to create a deeper relationship with its audience, customers and ambassadors. It can go so far as create a larger culture linked to the brand.

One of my favourite quotes along those lines is by Tim O’Reilly: “Brands should create more value than they capture”.

When you create value, you create that awareness of being a useful brand.

And often, a marketing goal of raising brand awareness is tied to the brand’s overall content program.

But what should you measure? What are the key KPIs you need to move needles?

In a Business2Community article, Jonathan Crossfield discusses brand awareness and how too many marketers measure it wrong. Likes, engagement, shares do not mean brand awareness. It means someone used their finger to click on something, but it doesn’t tell the story of how deep that engagement was. We talked about deep engagement in the past, and it means going beyond the easy metrics provided by social platforms.

Deep engagement means deeper brand awareness, with usually a way to actually tie it to meaningful business metrics (and not only marketing metrics).

I especially like how he finishes the article:

“Claiming brand awareness as the goal is like a carnival barker constantly shouting ‘roll up, roll up’ to attract a large crowd, without caring if anyone decides to check out the amazing and exotic sights inside the tent.

When the big boss comes around, it’s the number of people inside the tent, not outside, that will determine whether the barker still has a job.

So how are YOU measuring your brand’s awareness in the market? Which KPIs drive your level of satisfaction and accomplishment?