A product or brand must have a better story to tell that its competitors.

In the 60s, Roser Reeves introduced the concept of USP (Unique Selling Proposal). At about the same time, around 1955, David Ogilvy was developing the importance of the image of a brand. Later, Bill Bernbach started talking about how advertising could have a lighter touch, be closer to entertainment.

This natural evolution all happened in media contexts that were very different from what we live in today. Technologies were different and the consumer’s experience at the moment they might be faced with advertising was also different.

This is why today, I wanted to share an article by Jack Trout, a veteran marketer that, in 2000, started hammering the importance of brand storytelling in the advertising process.

Trout, a specialist in the positioning theory, explains in his article how the evolution of advertising leads to an era of storytelling. An era where brands cannot interrupt anymore, but must rather integrate themselves into the consumer’s experience.

I’m not teaching you anything with this and I’ve had this discourse for a while now, but it is always interesting to read it from a veteran.

And this is where content becomes so relevant. A brand must be able to be integrated and relevant to its audience and currently, in 2016, we believe at Toast that video is an excellent way to do it.