Consumers expect to be informed, educated and entertained in the best possible way.


The current advertising system is very well set up. There are case studies, books, courses and an astronomical amount of data that demonstrate that consumers can be influenced to buy through a series of interruptions. The entire model is built on interruptions.


But this model no longer works.


Data from the past no longer represents today’s consumer.


Consumer behaviour has been changing at an alarming rate over the past decade or so.


And this is due to the equally catastrophic growth in the number of interruptions experienced.


In a study from the book “Friction,” it was discovered that on average, we are exposed to a branded message every 2.7 seconds when we look at our electronic devices.


That’s a lot of interruptions!


If a brand is not able to bring value, it is almost impossible for it to stand out and make a real difference in the minds of consumers.


These consumers are now looking for content that informs, educates, entertains, makes them better at who they are and allows them to make better purchasing decisions.


They have become allergic to interruptions.


This is true on social networks, online, on television, everywhere.


How does your brand position itself in this spectrum of value creation?


This reality is at the heart of Toast’s raison d’être. This is what motivates us to produce the best possible content.


It is also at the root of Jeff Rosenblum’s book, “Fiction, Passion Brands in the Age of Disruption”, an excerpt from which can be found on the Branding Strategy Insider blog.


This reality is not the future, it is the present. Your consumers and audiences have needs and expectations that have evolved and will continue to evolve. Will you be well positioned to follow them?


How do you feel about your capacity to understand your audience’s needs and expectations? What is your level of satisfaction of it? Let us know and schedule a consultation with our experts at Toast today.