59% of adult internet users watch videos when they visit a brand’s website

I’ve already talked about self-distribution when it comes to branded content. Self-distribution being when a brand publishes content on their own platforms., think of it as owned-media.

When trying to reach a larger audience than what you currently have, this is often not the best way to do it. Unless you put a lot of promotion behind that content, to drive this new audience to your own platforms.

If there is a good thing about self-publication, is that you have a willing audience, an audience that wants to learn more about you, your products, you way of doing things.

Although video is not SEO friendly, might cost more that other types of content, it is the type of content your visitors want to see. They came to “your place”, they often are just waiting for you to come out with your best.

Video is a great way to do it.

You know those brand videos that companies put on their homepages? Well people actually do watch them.

In a recent eMarketer article, we not only learned that 59% of visitors watch brand videos on a corporation website, but 55% actually prefer to do so on the brand’s website.

But there is one problem. 75% of brands and marketers say that for them, video production is not a priority and they don’t plan to increase the effort in it this year.

There seems to be a disconnect between brands and consumers. Let’s fix this. Read more over at eMarketer.