AI is the talk of the town. Is it ready to be implemented in your content marketing strategy?

These past few years, artificial intelligence has been a big trend in anything digital.

How will it impact content strategies and content creation?

We’ve started seeing ventures into AI writing articles but we’re not there just yet. This is something that for a certain time will still need a strong human touch. Same goes for video scripts and photography (of course).

But in all tasks that make a successful content strategy and content marketing program, what are those that can be helped with the use of AI?

A MarTechSeries article by Abhishek Talreja does a great job in showing examples where AI, in 2020, can assist some of the roles in your content marketing team.

From optimizing conversion to landing page analysis, along with personalized content distribution, the article shows how existing platforms like Atomic Reach, Curata, Adobe Spark, Keywee, ContentStudio and are currently building tools that leverage AI to help content marketing team members.

AI, in the short-term, can be of great help to manage large datasets, automate repetitive and/or manual tasks (think about all those A/B tests you’ve always wanted to deploy and analyze).

AI will not create content for you, but it can help alleviate your calendar so that you can spend more time creating allthat great, engaging content.

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