An industry is not boring for those who need it.

Sometimes, at Toast, it happens that at first sight we have the impression that it is impossible to create interesting content for the industry of some of our customers.

However, if there is one thing to remember, it is that we are usually not the audience of our client, who himself is not his own audience. The person concerned by the content that is produced needs it, he wants it.

Who else but you could publish on the subject of spray foam insulation or best approaches for deploying heavy vehicles in hard-to-reach areas? Believe me, whoever owns these vehicles is very interested in this information!

The industries that could be considered boring are not for the audience that it is intended for. Let’s keep this in mind.

In an article from a few years ago published by GrowthHub which I came across, Stephanie Casstevens explains why she likes to write for these types of clients and industries. It is an interesting piece for all those of you who sometimes have difficulty motivating yourselves to publish on a terribly specific subject.

Is your industry boring? Do you need support in setting up your editorial calendar and the topics to be covered for your audiences? Please let us know today!