Content consumption is the end goal. How you get there is what’s important.

We talk a lot about content. What good content is, what the problem with content is, what content scored good results, etc.

We don’t talk enough about how to get there.

How to get to an actual deliverable that people will come across and read/listen/watch/experience.

This week’s article, by Anna Rodriguez, aims to point out just that: the importance of what comes before the content. The planning, the research, the process, the workflow.

She surfaces three important things, other than the actual content, that makes successful content marketing.

For one, be sure to know your audience. Really well. Like really really well.

Second, get that editorial calendar nailed. Publish content when you know it will be seen and heard.

Finally, the creation process should be bump-free. It should flow between team members, without hick-ups or backlog.

Then you get great content that works.

Go ahead, take a couple minutes to read this week’s article, and remember that the end result is not the only thing that is important.