Content marketing is not as easy as listing rare pearls.  However, some brands are doing a very good job. The techniques they use are sometimes unexpected, but the result is clear – the target responds to the call. Here are some helpful techniques to give you a better idea about the matter.

Answer the questions and expectations of the target

There is a story of a couple who wishes to buy a tarp to cover their terrace roof.  They arrived on the site of a provider to find information.  Soon after, they left the page to open a search engine.  They asked Google what type of tarp might suit their need.  Among the results, they found a detailed guide on the criteria for choosing a tarp.  The guide, which is in the form of questions, is located on the site of the provider.  Is it just a chance or coincidence?  It is both a NO.  It is just having a good grasp and analysis of needs of the audience combined with the SEO.


Telling stories: the case of the Itau bank

Itau is a well-known bank in Brazil.  This is an institution that has a motto, “the bank changes the world.”  To get closer to its target, the bank does not directly promote of its offers and products.  Instead, it gives clients pieces of advice on the best ways to manage their money.  Better yet, the bank wanted to demonstrate that money can also help improve the world.  For example, it has set up bikes that are free for use in parks and beaches.  Why? Because it believes that if people travel by bicycle instead of their cars, the world would be better.  People like Itau because of this ideology.



Positioning yourself as an expert: the example of Gore-Tex

The Gore-Tex brand, specializing in clothing and accessories for outdoor, created a magazine called Experience More. This magazine was converted into a blog, but the content remained always complete and diversified: testimony from amateur, presentation of new destinations for camping, trekking, etc. It has positioned itself as a reference in outdoor apparels and the brand was able to boost its sales dramatically.



Be an inexhaustible source of information in your chosen field

Should you want information about an abused animal, the PETA website is likely to be helpful to you. Fitted with its own press room, it has positioned itself as a powerful organization that is the leading authority regarding the welfare of animals in the world. It was one of the first to report the death of gorilla Harambe after a child fell into its cage in a zoo. Within hours, PETA received some 42, 000 “likes” on its Facebook account. Moreover, those who clicked on the post were redirected to its website where they could make a donation or purchase.



Telling endearing stories

There are those videos that make you cry and smile at the same time. A good example is that of Eric and Peety, the story of a man and his shelter dog. Weighing 340 pounds (154 kilograms), and suffering from numerous ailments, Eric’s doctor told him to buy a funeral plot as he would need one within five years. He got used to the idea until one day, he caused a flight delay because they found no safety belt to his size. Something clicked that day. His nutritionist advised him to adopt a shelter dog. He chose one, middle-aged and obese as he was. His life changed completely after that. He lost over 140 pounds while his dog lost 25. This story is told in a 06:26 minute clip seen by nearly 900, 000 people and ‘loved’ by over 5, 000 on Youtube alone, besides the traffic that was generated on its original website – the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Consequently, donations flooded for their Mutual Rescue program.



Be a crowd-puller

The technique of “crowd-sourcing” is about relying on large networks of Internet users and the general public. This is what made the success of Brand USA which gathers breathtaking photographs or videos on its website through blogs of travelers or through thousands of partner sites and tourism organizations in the USA. In partnership with the IMAX company, Brand USA even produced successful 3D documentary-films made for TV and cinemas, much to the delight of its target audience and beyond.

In short …We have seen that there are various creative ways to communicate and make ourselves known. Regardless of the media, content marketing will always remain a key contributor to getting noticed if you aim for success. And you? What will you create in order to allow your audience achieve their dream?

Bookmark this page, we will be keeping this post updated with more examples on a regular basis!


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