Hip-hop and content marketing share many basic elements, did you know?


This week, I’m sharing an article from a lighter side of things.

I stumbled upon Kirsten Neil’s article earlier this week and it made me smile.

Basically, she compares the structure of a hip-hop song with what is required for a good content marketing strategy, and I think she nails it. 🙂

As she says it, it’s a bit of an obscure comparison, but it works.

Here are the 6 elements where she finds a clear link between the two:

  1. The beat: basically, you need a good beat in content marketing, a constant flow of content being published to your audience. Just like a hip-hop song.
  2. The crowd: speaking of audience, you need to define it. Just like hip hop, you can’t try to please everyone with your content.
  3. The hook: in a recent Infopresse article, I explained how it is important to balance effort in your content marketing strategy. Not all content can be premium (although all content needs to be good). The hook is exactly that: the piece of content that stands out, the thing you remember.
  4. The style: this speaks for itself. Your tone and manner is what distinguishes you, makes your brand unique.
  5. The words: Your content will not travel very far if the content, the words, the message aren’t top notch. Just like a hip-hop song.
  6. The sampling: ever heard about content curation?

I’ll let you flip a song on your favourite music service and click over to Kirsten’s blog post to read all the details.

For me it’s gonna be Run D.M.C.’s “Walk this way” (what a great collaboration between the hip-hop scene and the rock scene).