The challenges that running a content marketing program creates and varied. From planning to production and measurement, there are many platforms specifically created to help content marketing teams be better and more efficient.

In 2021, the content marketing industry was estimated to be worth 66$USD billion, and it is estimated that by 2026, it will have more than doubled to 137$USD billion.

This is a big jump, in very little time.

Our goal at Toast is to help brands and marketing teams navigate through this, as almost half of brands and marketing teams are planning to increase their content production budgets in the coming year according to the most recent State of the CMO research.

And this is where such growth requires the right structure and the right tools.

The offering of content marketing tools is growing every year, with new startups launching products faster than any marketer can keep pace.

What are the types of tools available? Which is the right fit for my brand?

Those are questions that marketing executives want answers to.

The tools range in the challenges they aim to tackle:

Process-oriented tools that allow better workflows;

  • Tools that help distribute content to multiple platforms to increase ROI and use of content assets;
  • Measurement platforms that speed up the reporting process and allow teams to focus on insights and strategic thinking instead of spending hours in spreadsheets;
  • Connectors that facilitate the relationship between brands and publishers for content syndication.

These are only four examples of the range of content marketing platforms and tools available today.

Brad Howarth published a great article on the subject over at CMO Australia. In it, he outlines the current landscape and discusses with executives at some of these platforms.

Are you currently leveraging content marketing tools for your brand and your team? Is your team looking to optimize their content operations and content strategy? Reach out to our experts to learn more about how we help marketing teams get better at content marketing.