Have you thought about how your content marketing stack came to be?

How is your content published?

What is the process you have to go through to get a content idea off to your audience?

It has to go through your content marketing stack.

How was your stack built? Did you start with technology, people or strategy? Guess which one is the right way to go.

You guessed right. Strategy-first is the right way to go.

Drawing your content strategy first will allow you to figure out which technology is right, which people are the most relevant contributors and which other actors need to be “aware” of your content output.

That stack is your key to getting content out in time, on brand, on target.

Content stacks are what we build with our clients. We call them “brand studios” and they make sure every stakeholder is aware of the strategy, that content capabilities are extremely flexible and that internal resources are leveraged.

Contently recently produced a video that shows you how this is the right way to do it, with the analogy of making a sandwich.


If you would like to learn more about content marketing stacks, take some time to click here to watch the video, or simply write to [email protected] and we’ll set-up a call or meeting to discuss this with you, with your brand/corporation in mind.