Research done during the pandemic has revealed how consumers and audiences are more than ever expecting personalization from all brands.

Whether you are a television broadcaster or a consumer brand, audiences expect you to be able to personalize the experience they have with you.

Some of you will say that this is not necessarily feasible, I’m looking at you traditional broadcasters that have a programming schedule that is aired and is common to everyone, but you have to remember that audiences consider the experience all the touch points they have with you and not only the product or service you offer.

This means that for a personalized experience to occur between a brand and a client or consumer, it requires that at some point during the relationship, the brand took care to adapt its approach to behaviours and actions that were taken by an individual or (more realistically in many cases) a segment of your audience.

These expectations are not new, but they have grown in the past years, as reported in a McKinsey report that “shows that the pandemic has elevated personalization as a critical component of any marketing effort going forward.

How can it be done? How can it scale?

It requires technology, but it also requires empathy and a thinking approach that values the relationship over the transaction.

  •  How can you make your audience feel special?
  • What can you adapt in light of what THEY are doing (as opposed to what you want them to do)?
  • How can you invest in the relationship without breaking the bank?

In this context, bringing value to your audience in the form of content, that shows you understand them and you are there to help them be informed, educated, or entertained in the best way possible is key in creating a stronger bond between you and them.

As Mark Schaefer puts it in his article on the subject, personalization is not simply putting their first name at the top of an email. It is actions that make the person at the other end feel special, important, which in the end actually becomes a driver of growth (see Schaefer’s article for the statistic!).

So, how is your brand going to improve its personalization efforts?