With the current Coronavirus outbreak, production houses like us are looking into and turning to remote work solutions.

From using collaboration software to cloud-based video editing, the entire media industry, including us at Toast, are evaluating various solutions that can be quickly deployed when a colleague needs to work from home.

Our current setup at Toast, with our 6 editing suites, is very much based on a local high-capacity media server, but what happens when from one day to the next, a shooting crew comes back from Trinidad and Tobago in the midst of this outbreak, with footage they need to edit? (Actual true Toast story.)

This is where our technical director, Simon, takes charge and establishes ways of working that will allow the post-production crew to continue work even though the Coronavirus outbreak is trying to stop us in our tracks.

We have also developed an approach to remote filming, which you can discover in the video below.


Adrian Pennington, over at IBC, published a comprehensive article on how production and post-production houses are adapting their approach to this new reality. An interesting view from many angles about the current situation.

Does your current production capacity or external partner support remote work and can maintain its production cadence in the reality of COVID-19?