On how to make boring brands and content interesting with video.

Video versus text, long-form versus short-form, the questions are multiple when dealing with content to publish and distribute to your audience.

Engagement with video content is on the rise and the fact that the cost can be very decent (depending on the strategy and approach) makes the overall value of distributing your content using video often an excellent solution to your content format questions.

Recently, a panel at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit took on the various creative approaches on how to bring storytelling to brands, using just that, video.

The entire panel is available online and it is the link I am sharing with you this week, over at ReelSEO’s blog.

Although you can get most of the interesting content by reading the blog post, if you have the time to watch the entire 46-minutes of the panel, why not try to watch it.

Here are some of the takeaways :

  • How do you get the best ROI…we try to look for relevance. Context with the content. Find a way to get people talking about the product without overly mentioning the product. What kind of problems are keeping your audience awake at night, and does your product solve that problem?
  • It’s all about story, and as soon as we get to that point where we find that emotional connection, then we know we’re getting there.
  • Don’t be boring. We deal with a lot of stiff business types and we’ll pitch them an idea and they’ll be like, “Are you out of your mind?” and we say, “Yeah, that’s the point.”

These are all essential elements to consider when bringing content to video. And they are elements that we’ve applied to our own work creating video content that integrates storytelling for clients here at Toast.

So I’ll leave you with either 5 or 46 minutes of content this week, you have the choice: short-form of long-form. Enjoy!


The entire panel