And television has a substantial impact on the results.

While you have been wondering how to deploy your latest campaign, television show’s marketing or brand, great talk has been going on about making sure we can measure the results.

Throughout the years, there have been ways to measure the impact of a print ad through its potential reach, or the impact of a television ad through the audience watching the attached show, and marketers use this information to decide how the next efforts will be carried out.

Lately, studies and methods for measuring the impact of cross-platform content and advertising are being published and this week’s article is about one such study.

Comcast and TiVo’s recent study showed how TV’s value is up there, and a presence on television is a top influencer on the impact on viewers.

The way the study seems to show how this works is that TV brings in new customers and followers, while digital platforms secure adoption and sales.

Although this study focused on advertising campaigns, this also applies to branded content and brand integration.

Another key take-away from the study is that when consumers are in touch with cross-platform content and campaigns, the impact lasts much longer, as much as 20 weeks after the campaign ended (they measured the impact of a specific cross-platform ad campaign).

I invite you, as always, to read this week’s article, over at Ad-ology.