Audiences are looking for in-depth content, not just lists and clickbait.

Is your content strategy composed of short bursts, easy-to-grasp infographics, short articles and social media? If so, that’s good, you need that.

But are you also integrating longer-form content? In-depth coverage of a niche subject? If not, you should sit down and evaluate how you could integrate this into your content mix.

As content seemed to have moved to snackable assets, desired by audiences, the trend today is that those same audiences are now demanding more. Listicles, Tops and such can go part of the way, but to engage and build a loyal audience, you need longer content (and they will read it).

Even Millennials are asking for it! This generation places a premium on individuality, passion, creativity and self-learning. A perfect setting for in-depth coverage of a niche subject.

Joe Hyrkin discusses this exact trend in a recent Re/Code article.

“Readers are starting to seek out information that has real value to them. The tide is moving away from 140 characters and ephemeral photos, and toward long-form specialty content.”

And this is not something that we just feel is right, it is backed by behaviour, as seen by BuzzSumo:

“Long-form articles are shared more than short-form articles — based on the company’s analysis of more than 100 million articles over eight months. The study found that, on average, articles with 3,000 to 10,000 words had 8,500 shares, whereas content with 1,000 words or less averaged 4,500 shares.”

And if you believe your brand, your product or service is too boring for longer form content, think again. No niche is too niche. There is an audience for what you are selling, and they are looking for authoritative content like the one you can produce.

Take some time to read this (somewhat longer) article. It demonstrates why you should go beyond snackable content in your content mix, starting today.