Wilson Cleveland shares his thoughts on the realities of web series production

In 2006, a web series was produced, called “The Temp Life.” It would be renewed for 5 seasons. It was partly funded by a temp agency and it was scripted with the client. Seems it was the first one. Ever.

It was produced by Wilson Cleveland, who also ended up starting his own production house, UNboxd, focused on web series production, for brands.

Over the years, UNboxd has produced other branded content series and Cleveland sat down with Jillian Richardson for a quick interview, published over at Contently.

From managing client expectations to taking care of client-fear as the launch date nears, he discusses what he has learned and how he approaches common production speed bumps.

Of course I recommend you read the entire interview, but one of the key takeaways from the article is when he is asked what he would tell producers and ad agencies tackling the sponsored video scene:

« Companies are worried that “If we’re not in their face, people won’t know that this is made by us.” But consumers know it’s you. They know it’s you. The know the brand that’s behind it. It’s when you keep reminding them that they’ll tune you out. »